Our Direction

Our vision is:

To transform and support the rail manufacturing sector through industry-focused research, collaboration, and technology implementation.

Our mission is:

To improve the capacity and competitiveness of the Australian rail manufacturing industry and to support its continued integration into global supply chains through the use of new technologies and innovation.

Our culture
is focused on the following key drivers:

  • Strategy – To promote innovation and create impact in the rail manufacturing industry through cutting edge research and the commercialisation and implementation of new technologies.
  • Creativity and Learning – To foster creativity, new talent and continuous learning.
  • Collaboration – To act as a catalyst for the development and commercialisation of intellectual property through collaboration.
  • Relationships – To develop quality, robust and sustainable relationships with key stakeholders through good corporate governance, project management, communication and relationship management.

The Rail Manufacturing CRC has a research and innovation model where industry, government and the research sector co-invest cash and in-kind support and share the risks and benefits. The path to market is through collaboration with end users linked to the supply chain, while commercialisation performance and success is driven by industry participants, R&D participants and third parties.

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