Industry Roadmap

The strategic direction for Australian rail manufacturing was outlined in the On Track to 2040 – Preparing the Australian Rail Supply Industry for Challenges and Growth Roadmap.

Commissioned by the former Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research (DIISR), through the Rail Supplier Advocate, the On Track to 2040 rail manufacturing roadmap was developed through intensive collaboration between industry stakeholders, government and the higher education and research sectors. It represents the consensus view of 210 industry participants from 110 organisations on the strategic pathway towards industry growth and sustainability.

The roadmap identified the need for a collaborative research entity dedicated to an innovation agenda for rail manufacturing, with the bid for the Rail Manufacturing CRC a direct consequence of this industry consensus.

The roadmap identified three key opportunities – Power and Propulsion, Materials and Manufacturing, and Monitoring and Management – which have been used as directives for the Rail Manufacturing CRC’s subsequent research strategy project themes.

Download a full copy of the roadmap.


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